The - on the job - practical training is of six calendar months duration. Practical training is guided, evaluated and carried out in Firms, Agencies, Municipalities and Institutions of related to the Department studies program interests.

The Practical Training Committee
All the related to practical training issues are coordinated by a five member panel consisting of three members of staff and 2 student representatives.

The Practical Training Committee has the following responsibilities:
Practical Training Application
Every student who wants to carry out -on the job- practical training should apply to the Department Secretarial Office for the agency or firm of his interest. The Practical Training Committee allocates the practical training posts on the account of the student's preference recorded in the application forms. Students can also apply for posts other than those selected by the Committee. In this case, the Committee after evaluating the adequacy of the proposed agency or firm may grant permission to the student to choose the post.

Supervision of Practical Training

Students during their practical training are supervised by a practical training supervisor, who is assigned by the Department Council. Members of staff, who have been assigned the task of supervising the practical training visit the relevant working places, obtain information about the students practical training program, monitor the students training performance and support the students to solve problems resulting at the training working place. In case the employment agency or firm diverts from the approved student practical training program, the Practical Training Committee reserves the right to terminate the student's practical training at this particular agency or firm. The Committee then assigns a new training post to the student. At the new post the student completes the remaining practical training time up to the required six- month period.

Trainees rights - duties
All students during their practical training record in detail their every-day activities in the practical training book. The trainees' records are checked and signed by the agency responsible for the students' practical training every week. During the six-month practical training students are allowed to be out of work for a total of 5 working days for serious personal reasons. Absences are recorded in the practical training book and they are reviewed and signed by the student's supervising practical training member of the academic staff.
Students during their practical training should respect all the internal working regulations of the employment agency or firm. Non justified absences or violation of the employment agencies internal working rules lead to termination of the practical training. In this case, students should repeat the search process for a new training post to complete the remaining practical training time in the following semester. Practical training is paid according to the legal regulations. After completing the practical training students submit to the Department Secretary a practical training certification along with their practical training book, fully completed with the weekly reports, employment time and activities, days out of work and the training performance report.

The Department head or the Practical Training Committee after assessing all the submitted documents decides on the student's practical training acceptance or rejection.